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13th September 2016
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13th September 2016
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Electronic Lock SYN



Its minimalist and customizable design and management via APP / Wireless, make SYN an electronic lock with unprecedented features


  • Innovative, incorporating the most advanced technology at the service of hotels and their needs
  • Minimalist thanks to its innovative design. Totally customizable, allows the possibility of choice of any latch to adapt it to the decorating style.
  • Revolutionary, with mechanisms, electronics and battery located inside the door, facilitating installation and providing the system with maximum security and absolute resistance in adverse environmental and climatic conditions.
  • Maximum security thanks to functions such as auto-ejection of latch, electronic privacy parametrisable by user, automatic and controlled deleting and cancellation of cards in event of their loss, patrol control function, masterkeyable mechanical lock, etc.  256 bit encryption and a secure management of the installation by  server and software that allows configuration of security levels and totally parametrisable use for users and employees, including functions of revalidation of online accesses.
  • Non-volatile memory with capacity to register up to 5000 events that can include openings, attempts to open, exits, etc.