Electronic Lock GAUDI 2
13th September 2016
Electronic Cylinder
13th September 2016
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Electronic Lock FIT-IN 2

The electronic lock that adapts

OMNITEC offers the ideal solution for all those installations that want to incorporate, at minimum cost, a totally flexible, advanced, secure and effective access control technology.


With the incorporation of a new system of plates and levers, OMNITEC makes it possible to maintain existing mortise locks and enjoy all the functionalities of theGAUDI 2 electronic lock.

FIT-IN 2 complements the traditional key system, equipping it with access control functions. It likewise allows updating of the obsolete and insecure magnetic band, chip or RFID systems


  • System of opening with MIFARE proximity 13.56 Mhz, managed by SmarPass System.
  • Guaranteed operation in the most adverse climatological environments, thanks to its manufacture of stainless steel AISI 304 and its tropicalized electronics.
  • With visual and acoustic indicators to facilitate their use by disabled persons, as well as for additional functionalities such as low batterywarnings to personnel, privacy indicator, etc.
  • Electromechanical privacy function with exterior visual indicator to prevent entries of unauthorized persons
  • Includes NON-volatile EPROM which even when batteries are changed, allows the conservation of the last 400 openings, with information of user, date and time.
  • Equipped with real-time clock, which facilitates the management of any of the entries by personnel and guests.
  • It has a hidden mechanical cylinder, for auditable emergency openings.
  • Operates with 4 standard AA batteries with a duration of up to 20,000 openings.
  • Configuration and auditing of the locks with wireless control unit